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On the 9th of March, the PAMB Meeting was held in quorum as 16 out of 30 official PAMB Members attended the said conference. Guests like Dr. Ali Hadjinasser, Chief of Conservation and Development Division, Dr. Dirie Macabaning, Chief of Enforcement Division, Atty. Johayveer S. Guindo of the Legal Division of Regional Office, and those who were part of the agenda, were invited to solicit comprehensive information on the issues and build partnerships as they will be working together with Protected Area Management Office (PAMO) –MMPL. Thirteen (13) agenda were effectively discussed and expounded thoroughly by the attendees and members as the decision of the Board will be the cue of MMPL to proceed on their plans. Some of the important matters discussed were the following:

  • Status of Accomplishment of MMPL for CY 2021;
  • Endorsement of Amended Project Proposal for Tarsier of Mr. Mariano Duya, Ph.D;
  • Amendment to the Revised Mt. Matutum Recreational Guidelines;
  • ITDI-DOST Research Plan of Action on the Tarsiers of Brgy. Kinilis, Polomolok;
  • Reduction of the Area of PACBRMA No. 63505;
  • Biodiversity Action Plan of Dole and DENR and many others.

          PASu Hibaler invited Mr. Francisco Feliciano, Senior Environment Management Specialist (Sr. EMS), Representative from Biodiversity Management Board (BMB) to guide the PAMB in decision makings. Mr. Feliciano emphasized that National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act of 1992 and amended as R.A 11038 Expanded National Integrated protected Areas System (ENIPAS) of 2018 was pushed and defended firmly on the congress “para mabigyan ng pangil and batas” he quoted. Special power is handed to PAMB Members to decide and agree on matters, thus, thorough review and study on the issues should be considered before jumping to conclusions, which, the members realized and appreciated.

March 10, 2022- Consultation and Capacity Building of SRPAO within MMPL and Allah Valley  Watershed Forest Reserved was the next goal line of the team. The AVPL headed by For. Leonisa Alfaro, PASu-AVPL, also joined the event along with the Barangay Chairpersons of MMPL and MENROs of AVPL. The goal of this meeting was to discuss and explain carefully the essence and process of SRPAO.

Noraida Formacion, Chief, Technical Services Division (TSD), prepared the mood of the attendees on her inspiring welcome address as the representative of PENR Officer, Shalimar Disomangcop.

Furthermore, MMPL - PASu Hibaler and AVPL-PASu, Leonisa Alfaro, never failed to motivate the attendees as they also sincerely welcome everyone and shared an overview of SRPAO. As always, their dedication served as a source of encouragement for all the members.

On the other hand, Ali Hadjinasser, Chief of CDD, made the SRPAO process easier with his friendly but credible explanation. “Census’ was his recommended local name of the SRPAO and suggested not to complicate things and ideas to the migrants subject to be interviewed. Listeners can’t help but affirm and appreciate his effort in elucidating the subject matter.

The momentum of the event was felt by all the people with interest as APASu Tenorio, step by step defined, explained, and elaborated the whole system of SRPAO. She cautiously particularized SRPAO’s goals, definition, benefits, and expected outputs. She also introduced the various forms necessary during the enumerators’ interviews to the household heads.

Comments and questions were raised by various barangay chairpersons and answered reliably by the panels of the meeting: Ali Hadinasser, Ph.D, Efren C Hibaler, PASu-MMPL, Leonisa Alfaro, PASu-AVPL, and Mary Ann Tenorio, APASu-MMPL.

The two activities ended with the magnified dedication of everyone as they learned and were inspired by the essence of PAMB and SRPAO.

MMPL presented the activities and is now ready to work in action the encoded plans for the continuous progress and preservation of the environment, people, and the next generation.  (JEATRIN V. ORO,  MMPL Staff      MARY ANN C. TENORIO, APASu, MMPL)


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